V Type Blender

A V-type blender is mostly used in pharmaceutical plants for the intimate dry blending of free-flowing solids. The machine is made up of two hollow cylindrical containers joined together at an angle of 75 to 90. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in their percentage in the total mixture. Materials being blended are constantly split and mixed as the shell rotates. Normal cycle times are typically in the range of 15 minutes; however, they can be less depending on the difficulty of blending. We manufacture V Blenders according to customer’s requirements. The Blender is most suitable for paints, dyestuffs, and pharmaceuticals. suitable for dry mixing of products in powder form. Able Engineering provides the best-quality V-Type blender at an affordable price.

Features of V-type Blender:-

  • Easy to charge and discharge materials.
  • The design of the machine ensures the complete discharge of the product.
  • No product contamination.
  • Product container with a butterfly valve and a manhole for discharge. 
  • Made up of long-lasting and durable materials.
  • Easy to clean.
  • All contact parts of stainless steel.
  • Fixed baffles for lumps braking.
  • Electric control panel with cycle time.
  • The container has a discharge with a butterfly valve and a manhole, too.
  • Minimum maintenance.


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